What can it do?

What can it do?

A Mind Drawing can

* be fine art on the wall – one that keeps giving as new things are discovered. I’ve heard they are great in a family day care setting – or in a family home or business office.

* challenge how you see. Many people have returned with friends so they can see if they both see the Mind Drawing in the same way. * be a conversation starter – when two people see differently, the next thing they do is show each other what they see, making Mind Drawing a great communication tool.

* be a literacy tool – finding stories within a Mind Drawing.

* help observation skills in pre-readers by playing matching games using sets of laminated pictures that I often include when engaging communities.

* be used for relaxation – whether by searching for items within the picture (including my iconic four-leafed clover) or by colouring in the picture.

[After completing the body of work for my Mind Drawing Children’s Stories exhibition, I’ll produce a print-on-demand book of the exhibition, possibly in a coffee-table format and also as a colouring book. I’m seeking the best way to do this so that the books are good quality and also affordable.]