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Sometimes there is more opportunity than time to take it up. Today I was going to join my Chisholm friends in a session of art making and creative chatter; however, I made what turned out to be the correct call and worked on finalising the preparations for next week’s arts activities at Warrnambool and Port Fairy.

And what week! I am so looking forward to it. I’ll be

  • a resident at The Artery – the vibrant Arts hub of Warrnambool,
  • meeting heaps of new people who are involved in art and writing;
  • delivering a few arts workshops,
  • attending a workshop,
  • connecting with a writing group,
  • partipating at an open mic,
  • attending the fProject’s BIG Fletcher Jones Garden Party Christmas Market,
  • and the parade through town (Warrnambool) beforehand;
  • installing an exhibition or two, and
  • deinstalling my own Mind Drawing Children’s Stories exhibition at the end of the week- but not before
  • drawing in the gallery at Blarney Books and Art (James Street, Port Fairy),
  • presenting a pop-up workshop,
  • giving an artist’s talk and
  • celebrating the successful month at Blarney’s with a fun shindig during which we shall
  • launch the exhibition tour with a toast – sending it on its way to the Cardinia Cultural Centre in Pakenham, where it will open on 10th January 2017.


Oh! And I think I’m also giving a talk to a group of students from a local primary school.

img_9537  Preparing is fun, too.img_9538 I hope I have packed everything I need.