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Jenni L. Ivins

Artist and writer, Jenni Ivins with her new book, containing Mind Drawings from her touring exhibition.

This is a big callout to my amazing launch team. Thank-you all so much! You have been wonderful and I appreciate all the support  ?

Some of my amazing team of helpers.

Mayor Cr. Brett Owen who launched the book at the evening session by the lake.

Mayor Cr Brett Owen looks for four leafed clover in Jenni Ivins' book

Mayor Cr Brett Owen looks for four leafed clover in Jenni Ivins’ Mind Drawing book.

The second exhibition tour stop on the Mind Drawing Children’s Stories Project ends this afternoon. I plan to be at the Cardinia Cultural Centre between about 11am and 2pm if anyone would like to catch up or buy a book.

Mind Drawing Children's Stories

The book contains pictures from the exhibition in which you can look for the four-leafed clovers, colour in or create your own Mind Drawing by completing (in your own style) the picture I’ve started.

Ill be posting more about the last few days when I have access to the photos and my blog theme on the computer rather than iPhone.

Thanks once again to everyone who came!