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Rain – for a short time. Then with the sun came an opportunity to do my tiny part in helping with the one of flurry of activities in preparation for tomorrow’s Fletcher Jones Parrade to the Christmas party and arts market event at the old Fletcher Jones factory.

While chatting with the industrious and creative Emma Charlton (who’s also the manager of the residency at The Artery) and Michelle (who keeps The Artery gardens looking gorgeous), I cut threads, sewed covered buttons and mended a crotch on Fletcher Jones clothing Emma had redesigned for people to wear in the big parade on Saturday 3rd December, leaving the Kodak corner in Liebig Street at 9am.


Picnic day – At lunchtime I drove to Thunder Point and immersed myself in some of Warrnambool’s natural environment with a cliff top walk to Shelly Beach. My intention had been to breath the sea air and read a book, but I found myself observing, taking photos and writing poetry.

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Impact Print Makers Exhibition at The Artery. Another opportunity to help out, along with other members of this rich community of helpers whose vision is to give a voice to art and artists to make this a better and richer world. This high quality exhibition concerned man’s impact on the environment. But don’t think glaring messages. Sure each does provoke thought, but they are also beautifully executed images that would sit well on any wall.


img_8780Last stop Proudfoot’s Boathouse for Proud Spoken, the monthly open mic event where I performed a few oldies from Battered Fish in Butchers’ Paper, the zine I created for my feature at WestWord Poetry seven years ago. My Medusa poem was extremely well received and so much fun to perform! I loved the way people come over to meet you after you’ve had you turn at the mic, to tell you how they liked what you did.

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The highlight for was the final spellbinding set by our featured artist, Arielle Cottingham. I could clearly see how she won the 2016 Australian Poetry Slam. An amazing, dynamic performer, with complete control of stage and audience. Her delivery was flawless – she carried us along on every moment.


This is all for now, I collected Artists names to add to the photos but I want to get this posted now. Saturday will be filled with viewing dragon boat practice on the Hopkins River, carrying bunting in a parade, a Christmas market, coaster exhibition, another exhibition opening and meeting the public and drawing in the gallery at Blarneys before closing my Mind Drawing Children’s Stories Exhibition and launching it on its journey South East across the state (Victoria, for my international readers).

Please join us at Blarney Books and Art, James Street Port Fairy. From 4pm to meet and draw with the artist, then from 5.30 we’ll be toasting the exhibition at a celebratory shindig. You are all invited!