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Continuing the behind the scenes peek at my preparations for the Mind Drawing Children’s Stories Exhibition, here is a look at SECAN’s gate 6 community collaborative drawing, produced on the Open Studios weekend as part of the City of Casey’s Winter Arts Festival.

SECAN = South Eastern Contemporary Art Network


We had many visitors over the weekend, all interested to see the art made by the ten or so SECAN artists present. Others were greeting guests in their own Casey studios. On the second day, I shared the studio space near the entry with Phil and Jennie-Maree Tempest, so they were exposed to the same conversation from me as I engaged visitors in experiments and discussions about how we see and the use of Mind Drawings as communication tools.

I’m sure Phil had my voice replaying in his sleep … Port Fairy … Mind Drawing … touring exhibition …
Jennie-Maree was less aware, as she ‘zones out’ when using the machine to make her amazing artwork.

They also heard me invite people to make their marks on the collaborative drawing, and listened to their thrilled comments about their work traveling to Blarney Books and Art and being seen by audiences across the state in Port Fairy. They expressed an interest in seeing the drawings made by communities in the other venues and comparing them for differences in style.

Speaking of SECAN, if you are a contemporary artist in Melbourne’s South East, you are most welcome to come to our next gathering at 1pm this Saturday (12.11.16).
When we are not on an outing or visiting a member’s studio, we meet at gate 6, Cardinia Street Berwick (behind the Akoonah Park Market).