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Today I’m trying something new – a link to the video I posted on YouTube to support my application for an Australian Artist’s Grant to use towards creating the book of Mind Drawings that everyone has been … er … strongly encouraging me to put on the market so they can take one home or give as a gift.

It’s been a long day; not only have I finished the grant application, I’ve also had fun attending a SECAN committee meeting, followed by our AGM and the lovely show and tell part of the meeting where we share experiences and expertise and (the best visually) show what we’ve been creating.

As we are a very diverse contemporary arts group, there’s always an exciting array of work.

Rather than elaborate further, I’ll post the link.

Oh! And I’m back on the SECAN committee for another year! ??❤️??

The featured image on this post is a photo of a mixed media work by Robyn Johnson in the inaugural SECAN Strip Art Exhibition at gate 6 Gallery.