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Q. Why do you hide a four-leafed clover in your Mind Drawings?

A.  For fun! I enjoyed looking for the hook in Jeff Hook’s cartoons in The Sun newspaper when I was a child. I want others to have the chance to seek something in my work. 

Q. Why a four-leafed clover?

A. I find so many! I’ve adopted it as my icon.


Q. Aren’t they supposed to be rare?

A. They are thought to be rare, but I’ve been lucky ? enough to find dozens.


Q. Wow! How do you find them?

A. I usually just see them when I’m near a clover patch. Maybe it’s a bit like looking at a Mind Drawing – people don’t always notice the same things as others might, or as they do on another occasion.


Q. How does the four-leafed clover relate to your personal motto?

“Seek the exceptional, camouflaged by the commonplace.”

–  Jenni L. Ivins

A. Just as there are exceptional (four leafed) clover to be found among the more common three leafed stems, exceptional people, exceptional ideas and exceptional deeds are sprinkled throughout society, as are seen by those with a focus on the positive.

Clover Patch 2

Many covert the experience of finding a four-leaved clover for good luck.

Q. Do you think this applies to other aspects of life?

A. Definitely! Have you ever had the experience of seeing (for example) red cars all over the place when your recent conversations have concerned a red car? It feels like you may have manifested them just by focusing your thoughts there.

The same thing happens when we have a goal in  our sites; suddenly we see all kinds of opportunities that relate to our goal that we had not noticed before, or things that can be extrapolated on to enrich our ideas.