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Another peek behind the scenes of an arts practitioner’s life:

In an earlier post this month I mentioned I’ve been spending a large proportion of my writing time lately, writing exhibition, funding or residency applications.

I’m pleased to let you know that Mind Drawing Children’s Stories will be exhibited in the City of Casey at one of the Council’s art spaces next year. I’ll announce the dates and exact location, when they’ve been arranged.

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I know it will be in the first half of the year because I discussed my project and the application with the relevant cultural officers prior to submitting. I let them know about the timing of the ACME London Residency opportunity presented by the Australia Council for the Arts, for which I had applied, but wouldn’t know the results until the end of the year.

The juggling and presentation of dates and confirmation can be tricky when applying for funding- especially when filling out the budget.

At an Arts Access event earlier this year, I learnt that philanthropists like to see that other organisations are behind you and prepared to support your project, too.

When touring an art exhibition one has to work within the constraints of various Councils’ procedures, if applying to exhibit in their galleries.
I suggest applying with the attitude that the support or exhibition will eventuate. It makes it easier when presenting the rest of the information.

When applying to NAVA for the Australian Artist’s Grant, I was advised to list things such as the City of Casey Exhibition (which was still going through their documented selection process), on the budget with the annotation: (unconfirmed).

I’m pleased to be able to announce that it is now (confirmed).