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I know I recently said most of my writing of late has been applied to my arts business but when inspired I have penned a few first drafts of children’s stories and oodles of poems. This post is about the latter.

The back part of my notebooks is reserved for creative writing. Today I’m thumbing through to select suitable works to polish for tomorrow’s open mic gig run by Alex and Vicki: Poetry in the Hills.

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What should I choose? What would an audience enjoy hearing? With my focus on the extra activities I’m developing to enrich my Mind Drawing Children’s Stories Exhibition, ready to deliver at Warrnambool and Port Fairy the week after next, I don’t have time to memorise any, so I’ll be relying on the rhythms of the writing to carry the stories as I read.

It’s interesting to see the ideas I’ve played with in passing, thoughts that have intruded when I was supposed to be focussed elsewhere. This is how I work. If the muse visits, I do not ignore her; but neither do I let her sway me from my path – for too long. I outline my ideas with all the easy detail that flows at the time, capturing the raw words as they appear to me, lest I am unable to conjure their poetry at a more convenient time. I know they will be lost if not scribed.

Sometimes I wonder if unwritten musings pass to another, if the original recipient does not take note. Is this how writer’s block occurs? Is it a condemnation for not appreciating the gift when it first appeared? But no! This has not occurred to me. Some of my literary constructions have been lost, but I’ve learnt to come to terms with it. I know I enjoyed the ideas at the time of pondering, even though later I didn’t remember the words nor, perhaps, to what they pertained. I’m okay with it. The ephemeral poetry was a gift for me.

If you would like to hear some captured words (and you are in Victoria, Australia), you are welcome to come to tomorrow’s gig:

POETRY in the HILLS / annual poetry competition
Belgrave Library 2.00 pm 2016/this Sunday
$5-00 includes fantastic refreshments
Open stage 5 minutes… Enq. 9758 0038

You may note this is also the annual poetry competition, which is an exciting enough reason to attend and absorb the best of the arts community’s varied literary offerings – or to read or perform your own offerings. But wait … there’s more!

anthology Barbed Wire Kisses by Yvette Stubbs

The lovely Yvette Stubbs will be doing a pre-launch of her anthology, BARBED WIRE KISSES, so any one who can’t make Dec 3rd at the Dan O’Connell can hear excerpts from the book, maybe buy a copy; and meet the writer (whose quirky words have echoed on the open stage since last century).