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What a fabulous day I have had today. As I began with preparing my scanned drawings ready for use in book and card publishing, I realised I actually enjoy the computer work post-drawing as much as creating the Mind Drawings with pen and ink.

I want to get as much of the manuscript preparation completed as I can, so I’ll be ready to send the file to the printer as soon as the funding results are confirmed. The book will still go ahead even if my application was not successful. Although it’s on my timeline, I must wait until the announcement, as receipts must show the costs were incurred after the results come out.

img_9395 I found the four-leafed clover in the picture in Emerald where I celebrated a family birthday before going to Poetry in the Hills at Belgrave Library yesterday.

My second stop today was a quick visit to my lockup studio, where I paid the rent and dropped off a flyer for my touring exhibition.

Next stop: lunch with a dear friend, followed by a stop at the Cardinia Cultural Centre to finalise details for my book launch and artist talk events occurring there on Wednesday 8th February 2017 at 1pm and 7pm. Please save the date! Also offers of help from my support network are most welcome.

The Blood Bank will be visiting that day, too, offering the opportunity to give blood while you’re there (I shall be donating – it saves lives!)

While at the Cultural Centre today, I checked out the moustaches exhibition by Annette Slattery which supports the Movember project to stop young men dying. I particularly liked the mirrored works that allow visitors to expieriment with the moustached look on their own face.

And I also saw the fabulous garden statue mosaic by Belinda Conibeer of Beliana Mosaics, which she created for the Art in the Garden event mentioned earlier on this site. This statue will be at the Cultural Centre at the time of my exhibition, too.

Both of these artists are members of the South Eastern Contemporary Art Network (SECAN). The SECAN members exhibition will be the next one at the Cardinia Cultural Centre, with affordably priced exhibits, perfect for gift giving at this festive time of year.

A fellow a Chisholm artist has begun to write the story of her Auntie Ena, who achieved some amazing things during the war years.  I was delighted to critique her first draft of her first page I love her literary voice that engages the senses as she sets the scene, inviting you into the story.

This whetted my appetite to redraft a poem or two of my own and to enter the Ron Pretty Poetry Award. There’s still time to enter, but you’ll have to be quick. Enter your poem of 30 lines or less online by midnight tomorrow (22nd November). Best of luck to you!