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Raising your arts profile may sometimes entail traveling and being away from your furry family, as well as human loved-ones.


It was odd to be wrapping and packing all the art for my touring exhibition with a sense of solitude. I had dropped our cat at the Pakenham Boarding Cattery the day before we set off to Port Fairy.


I kept thinking I saw him out of the corner of my eye. And I side-stepped a couple of times to avoid standing on him when carrying arms-full of artwork, only to realise that what I avoided squashing was a box, or packaging of some sort.


Once the road trip was underway and my thoughts had abandoned the compulsive pattern of list checking, I was able to enjoy our vast open countryside; but still my thoughts turned to our cat.

So I was delighted when we returned to an area with good phone coverage, to find a text message from the lovely Phyllis at the Pakenham Boarding Cattery, containing the following picture.


He’s happy to be home again now – and so am I (to be here and to be together again).


While it’s exciting to travel, meeting new people and making new friends, it is reassuring to be supported by a network of capable and loving people who do a fabulous job nurturing those we leave in their care or minding our home.

Thanks, Phyllis. xx